July 24, 2021
  • 1:32 pm Why Your Team Should Do Team Building Exercises
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We know it can take a while to generate trust and confidence between team members. Taking time to have your group participate in team building activities can help enrich and enhance this process.

Team Building is an important part of any corporate group or organization. Here are some reasons you and your team should start doing these types of activities today:


This one is fairly self-explanatory. (I mean, it’s called ‘Team Building’, after all.) Participating in activities of this nature allows your group to find new and creative ways to come together and work as a cohesive team.


Whether you have been at the same job for 5 years or 5 days, interacting with people in an office is different than interacting while playing a game. Your group will get the opportunity to become more familiar all-around with their coworkers.


Planning a team building outing is a great way to break up the monotony of sitting at the same desk Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM. Give your team and break and try something new to spice up the ordinary.


Learning how your team communicates and knowing what communication styles they respond to positively is invaluable information. Allow everyone to give assistance and input and evaluate what type of communication empowers them to succeed.


Spending time doing something fun and interesting is a great way to boost company morale. Even though team building has numerous productivity benefits, it also is something that people tend to view as a reward or a celebration, since it’s a break from the norm.


In team building activities, everyone is responsible for pulling their own weight while also supporting the team. It’s a good way to help your group hold themselves accountable for a task, both at a personal and team level.


You never know who is capable and willing to step up and take charge. Getting your group outside of the office and giving them the opportunity to do so may result in some awesome leadership surprise stand-outs!


Team Building activities are designed around the concept of getting a group to find a solution in a creative way. Getting your team to think outside of the box is a great way to uncover their true resourcefulness.


Giving your group non-work related activities to do together can be a lot of fun. Using teamwork, communication, and creativity to get through a series of games will be a welcomed and exciting challenge for your group.
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For many people, the idea of hiring a personal trainer seems odd. After all, aren’t personal trainers only for the wealthy, professional athletes, bodybuilders or already fit folks?

Actually, they’re for anyone and everyone.

Personal trainers have a passion for helping people achieve their goals. For instance, someone struggling to lose 50 pounds might want to work with a trainer for advice and encouragement.

Regardless of your current physical state or ability, you can always get a boost from having a personal trainer on your side.

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

What can you expect to get out of having a personal trainer in your court? Plenty!

  • Accountability. Let’s face it: Everyone needs a boost now and then. It’s much harder to avoid a workout when your personal trainer is texting you that he or she is waiting!
  • Proper Form. Have you ever felt like you might have strained a muscle lifting weights incorrectly or hunching over on the elliptical? Your personal trainer will help you avoid injury by showing you the right techniques for each workout move and piece of equipment.
  • Variety. Tired of the same-old, same-old routine at the gym? Get a new lease on working out by hiring a personal trainer to show you a variety of exercises to add a little excitement back into your gym regimen.
  • Progress. Together, you and your personal trainer will chart where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going. Plan to celebrate the milestones as a team.
  • Advice. Have you ever wanted some true feedback and advice, but felt your buddies wouldn’t be honest? Personal trainers know how to give it to you straight, which is the only way to get better.
  • Weight Maintenance. Considering getting a personal trainer for weight loss? Congratulations! It’s much simpler to lose weight with the help of a trained pro than it is to go it alone.

Like what you’re hearing? It’s time to find a personal trainer you can trust.

Partnering With the Right Personal Trainer

Convinced that you, too, can get a much-needed boost from having a personal trainer? Take a few steps toward finding the personal trainer that’s best-suited for your needs.

First, ask around at your local gym for suggestions. Many gyms hire personal trainers or have relationships with personal trainers. This allows you to feel comfortable hiring one of them because you know the person has already been vetted.

After gathering names of potential trainers, make appointments to interview them. Some good questions to ask during your initial conversation include:

  1. How long have you been a personal trainer? What are your credentials?
  2. What type of people do you typically help?
  3. These are my goals. Have you ever helped someone else achieve similar goals? When and how?
  4. What are your fees? How long is each session?
  5. Can you give me references to three people you’ve helped?

From that point, you can conduct due diligence and discover the perfect personal trainer. It’s the fastest way to stay on course and become the “you” you’ve dreamed about.